Becoming a Member at St Kiaran's

When folk move to a new area which is far away from their previous congregation, they look for a church they can call their spiritual home. What should one look for in a church?

bullet A place where one feels cared for.
bullet A place where God's Word is proclaimed faithfully.
bullet A place where one is able to participate in the life and work of that congregation.

We normally receive people into membership in one of two ways:

First, most mainline churches provide people who leave with a "letter of recommendation." For some this "letter" comes in the form of a transfer certificate. It tells us that they were members in good standing at the congregation they came from. If it is presented to us with the expressed desire to become members, then they are received into membership on the strength of those credentials.

we believe

Second, when people express a desire to join us and they have been members in a church where there may be fundamental differences in some doctrinal matters (eg: Baptism), or how the church is run, then we recommend spending some time with them to explore possible areas that require adjustment or clarification, so as to manage their integration in the best way possible.

In all instances membership is first approved by the Elders (Session).

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